Laser Tag & Virtual Reality

Raze the Roof

Level up your day at soft play with an interactive gaming experience

Raze the Roof is one of the only indoor play centres in the UK to have access to Playerverse™ interactive gaming experiences. Players are given a Power Band interactive wristband to wear and tap colourful Light Pads to score points and beat the leaderboard

How To Play

Grab your Power Band

Get your Power Band interactive wristband from the team on reception. 

Tap to start

Tap your Power Band on the glowing terminal and use the touch screen to start the game. Ready, set, GO!

Find Light Pads & Score Points

Search the Raze soft play frame for glowing Light Pads. Tap with your Power Band to score points. You have 6 minutes. Check the leaderboard to see if you’re the best 🏆

🐟 Now Playing: Deep Sea Dash! 🐟

Introducing Deep Sea Dash, the newest splash-tacular game from Playerverse! Explore the Raze the Roof soft play frame and hunt for shimmering blue treasure pads. With your trusty Power Band, give ’em a gentle tap to rack up points! Can you reel in the most points in just 6 minutes to make a splash on the leaderboard?

🏆 Live Deep Sea Dash Leaderboard 🏆